Knights and Brides

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Knights and Brides

Choose your character - either a mighty knight or an audacious princess - and start the most amazing adventure of all time! Your gnome servants will help you turn this tiny strip of field into a bustling city! Manage your resources, take care of your buildings and help your allies. You can also duel other players, meet other knights and princesses and interact with them! Don't miss the endless amounts of adventure and fantasy that this game has to offer! Either as a mighty knight or as an elegant princess, write your own adventure in this world of fantasy! Wake up to become the main character of your own fairy tale! Either as a mighty Knight or as an audacious Princess, explore your inherited land and restore its former glory... your servants will be there to help you and you can always rely on your magic powers! Explore the endless possibilities of this magic realm – fight against other opponents from all corners of the Kingdom in epic combats, use your magic powers to design dresses and craft all kind of tools, decorations and artifacts... or try your luck at a game of Zonk! Now you're the master of your own history! Highlights: • High-quality animations and graphics, plenty of characters, animals, buildings and farming facilities to make your story unique! • Catchy storyline with regular quests, side missions and events. • Ultimative social interaction – you can manage which players can add you as a friend and stablish different relationships with them as admirer, idol or partner. • Intuitive battle system that lets you improve your skills. • And most importantly, a great gaming experience and lots of fun!


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